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Lost of people are struggling with weight loss, gain strength or lean muscles, create a stronger body - mind connection! First of all you have to be strong as a human being after you can use your strength for whatever you want! 

 Hi, I'm Attila Varga
Ihave been practicing Martial Arts since 1986 and I'm enjoying this journey since! Learn every day something is building character and develops skills! Moved to UK in 2004 and next day I joined to Carlson Gracie London BJJ club and now as a black belt I'm representing Carlson Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in slough! Next to BJJ I'm teaching Muay Thai Boxing and also Kettlebell training as a StrongFirst instructor!  

 " Stronger you are life easier"

My passion is to help people to get stronger healthier lifestyle with physical mental emotional balance what is essential to achieve goals!
Attila Varga, Martial Arts and Kettlebell training  in Slough,
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