How to use Kettlebells correctly? 
5 things you shouldn't do with kettlebells

In this video you can see 5 typical mistakes people are doing with kettlebells, be sure you aren't doing them and won't get injured and you'llget the best benefits of your training! 

1 - Kettlebell swings with hinge and not squats

The main problem with the kettlebell swings is the lack of hips power during the swings! The power what is generated by the hips hinge is the most essential to make it happen and avoid injuries! The swing is like a horizontal jump and if you hinge your hips back further, you can generate more power forward and at the top of the swing brace your abs and activate your gluetes! This is the N1 movement and the most foundational with kettlebells so if you want good results this one need to be good, anyway you don't have the benefit of it or even can get back injuries!

2 - The American Swing

 Is actually not a mistake, the movement itself is dangerous and pointless! Lets see why!
Kettlebell swing is designed to get strong core and explosive movements at the end of it with glutes, core, and whole body tension to protect the back, working on the posterior chane! When the kettlebell is going over head you have to loose your glutes is means there isn't support to the lower back what can be dangerous! From the chest level over head the weight is light, muscles loosed, no stability!

If I want to get kettlebell over head, press variations or snatches are better options!

In very sports we generate the power forward, is a jump, throw, kick etc so the swing has to be the strongest forward and this is when we are doing in chest - shoulder level with tension at the end!

3 - The Clean

The clean is an important movement and a press can't be better done ththen the clean before the press! Don't flip too high, wrist straight and softly landing on the rack! The clean is actually like a single arm swing what is finishing in the rack position! Sometimes you flip too high and can hurt your arm, concentrate the weight to the hips level and keep your upper arm at  your ribs arhc!

4 - Turkish Get Up

This is something what people not paying attention for and can be dangerous! Simply even if you have a great TGU ( hopefully you have) but the changing side is lazy and you just pass the kettlebell over your body to the other side you build a bad habit what isn't good! How Pavel says
" dont do anything with the light kettlebell what you would't do with a very heavy one"

After TGU just sit up, you turn to the other side and does not matter how heavy with you are working!

5 - Russian Hot Potatoes

Again is an exercise what isn't for everyone I would say can be dangerous! Especially if someone got lower back problems with this exercise surely will be more lower back problem with mobilizing the lumbar spine, so i'll recommend the pull over instead of that!

These are 5 typical mistakes you should be careful for, thank you for watching the video, reading this here all the best in the future, keep moving to get stronger and better every day!

Attila Varga

Attila Varga  StrongFirst Kettlebell instructor,  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and Muay Thai Boxing instructor!
Mike Gowans CEO and Founder,
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Attila Varga

Attila Varga helps people to build a healthier stronger lifestyle and create a body - mind - emotional balance!  
Mike Gowans CEO and Founder,

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