With The StrongFirst and Pavel Tsatsuline
I started to train with kettlebells around 2006 and I wanted to belong to something really outstanding group like this! Already I had over 20 years Martial Arts experience behind me and was hungry to learn something new and in 2009 made my decisions! In UK that time wasn't any kettlebell instructor from Pavel / probably I was one among the first/ and seen an advert online " 3 days what changes your life" let me tell you something it wasn't "only" advert those 3 days are completely changed my life and my approach to training! I signed up and the course was in Hungary in 2009 at an ex Russian Military Base and top of that Pavel Tsatsuline was leading the course! In 20011 I made the level 2 /it ws the last RKC course before the change to StrongFirst/ 

I Help People To Get Healthier And Stronger Lifestyle With Martial Arts & Kettlebell Training!
Why kettlebells?
 What is your goal? Do you want to be slimmer to wear a size smaller clothes? Or you want to get more strength, lean muscles? Or are you sitting all day and you have sore back and need to work on to stronger core? 
Probably the best way to get weight loss, lean muscles, build strength, get better posture and so many other reason is why kettlebells are so great! Actually the kettlebell is just a piece of iron but the StrongFirst system how we use it makes it magical!

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