Martial Arts in Slough

Mike Gowans Founder and CEO
I Help People To Get Healthier And Stronger Lifestyle With Martial Arts & Kettlebell Training!
Attila Varga Founder of Thaifight Kettlebell London, Head Coach of Carlson Gracie Slough
Do you want to learn Muay Thai Boxing what is one of the most effective Martial Arts as a competitive sport, and also a great self defense system? 

Muay Thai or Thai boxing is a combat sport from Thailand. This combat sport has a heavy focus on body conditioning and is specifically designed to promote the level of fitness and toughness required for ring competition.
So, if you've had a hard day sitting in the office at the computer, Muay Thai is the ideal sport. I can also help train individuals looking to compete professionally, and those who want to pick up this sport as self-defence. Contact me for further details.

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